Specialist Treatments (Free consultation)

Microdermabrasion / Microskinabrasion
with WhitePeel offers healthier, glowing skin, with out discomfort on both the face and the body.

The micropeeling procedure uses a highly controlled vacuum to move microscopic abrasive aluminum oxide crystals over the surface of the skin. The removed skin cells along with the crystals are immediately vacuumed back into the sterile handpiece

Proven effective results for:
Open Pores Ageing Skin Acne Lesions Thread Veins
Pigmentation Skin Renewal Ingrown Hairs Burn Scarring
Stretch Marks Injury Scarring Scar Formation Deep Exfoliation


Effective treatment for removal of white, pearly lumps under the skin, where the skins natural oil sebum is trapped in a pore. Commonly found around the eyes & on the cheeks.

Skin Tags:
Safe removal of Skin tags which appear on the body as small fibrous growths, or flaps of skin on stalk. They commonly appear on the neck, underarms and groin areas.

Thread Veins:
Treatment of thread veins, super Naevi and blood spots on the face and body.